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Hobby 480 Adventure

Length: 4,80 m

Width: 2,00 m

Inner board height: 70 cm

Weight: ~450 kg

Max. engine power: 70 HP/52 kW

Max. engine weight: 188 kg

Engine shaft length: long

Max. fuel tank weight: 30 kg

Max. passengers: 6

Max. weight of passengers: 450 kg

Max. load (Passengers + load + fuel tank + engine): 680 kg

CE class: C

Price: 6890 EUR + VAT

Standart equipment: Console with steering system, plexiglass and frame; side and back lights; lockable storage box in front of console; back integrated box with lock for 2 fuel tanks and other equipment; 2 front lockable storage boxes; compartment on the console for your phone, keys and other small things; engine mounting plate; fenderlist; front U-bolt; two front and two back pullers; draining system; ladder to get into the boat; stainless steel side and front railings; cushion set; table and glass holder.

Possible additional equipment: Console cover.



The Hobby 480 Adventure has a steering console with seats for 2 adults. This boat is designed for engine from 25-70 HP, recommended engine 40-50 HP. The Hobby 460 Adventure is double hulled filled with floatation foam “Marine quality” that keeps the boat afloat even if you fill water to the top of the board. It’s CE marked and built in accordance with recreational boat regulations. The Hobby 480 Adventure has 2 lockable compartments for fuel tanks (2x25 L) and other equipment. Under the front bench there is plenty storage space and room for ropes and anchor. This boat comes as standard with cushions and removable table. The Hobby 480 Adventure is a very stable, safe and family friendly boat with high internal freeboard and spacious deck.