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Hobby 555 Proff

Length: 5,55 m

Width: 2,30 m

Inner board height: 66-69 cm

Weight: ~675 kg

Max. engine power: 90 HP/66 kW

Max. engine weight: 207 kg

Engine shaft length: long

Max. fuel tank weight: 30 kg

Max. passengers: 8

Max. weight of passengers: 600 kg

Max. load (Passengers + load + fuel tank + engine): 850 kg

CE class: C

Price: 7228 EUR + VAT

Standart equipment: Console with steering system plexiglass and frame; seat; side and back lights; middle bench with lockable storage box; back integrated box with lock for fuel tank and other equipment; engine mounting plate; fenderlist; front U-bolt; plastic back handle; two back, two middle and two front pullers; self-draining system; ladder to get into the boat; stainless steel side railings.

Possible additional equipment: Cushion set; console cover, left side console with plexiglass and frame; seat on the left side; cover between consoles; back spoiler with lights and water ski hook; extra side railings; hydraulic steering system.



The Hobby 555 Proff is 5.55 m long and 2.30 m wide, it has 66-69 cm internal freeboard, which is the best in its market. This model was created in collaboration with several of the biggest sellers in the Norwegian market. The Hobby 555 Proff was designed a fishing boat in mind, perfectly for fishing rods and fishing nets also. The Hobby 555 Proff bench/storage box can be placed in the middle, on the port side or on the starboard side. Here is space for two fuel tanks and two batteries for extra power during heavy consumption. The Hobby 555 Proff can be supplied without console, like a fully open boat, if desired.