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Hobby 420 Classic

Length: 4,25 m

Width: 1,65 m

Inner board height: 47 cm

Weight: ~220 kg

Max. engine power: 15 HP/11 kW

Max. engine weight: 60 kg

Engine shaft length: short

Max. fuel tank weight: 30 kg

Max. passengers: 5

Max. weight of passengers: 375 kg

Max. load (Passengers + load + fuel tank + engine): 480 kg

CE class: D

Price: 2270 EUR + VAT

Standart equipment: Middle bench with a storage box for fish or other equipment; back integrated box with lock for fuel tank and other equipment; four plastic handles; engine mounting plate; stainless steel paddle holders; fenderlist; front U-bolt; two back pullers; self-draining system; step to get into the boat.

Possible additional equipment: Paddles; stainless steel side railings; cushions; console with steering system.



The Hobby 420 Classic has been one of the most popular and best-selling boats for 15 years. It was nominated as “Boat of the Year under 5 meters” in Norway’s boat fair “Sjøen for alle 2010”. The Hobby 420 Classic is suitable for use with engines up to 15 HP and for rowing also. This boat has modern, ease of use, but at the same time has classic lines that make the boat pretty to look at. This is a light boat that is easy to take ashore and store for the winter.